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Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Education Department Concludes Successful 3-Day Capacity Strengthening for Pre Primary School Heads and Champion Teachers

NAIROBI: 2nd March, 2024

Education Department which is domiciled in Talent Skills Development and Care Sector has finalized a 3 day capacity strengthening for all public Pre Primary Schools head teachers and champion teachers at Lavington Primary School.

The occasion that was graced by the County Executive for Talent, Skills Development & Care Ms. Rosemary Kariuki, the City Education Director, Ms. Ruth Owuor, deputy directors, and education officers.

Saw the participants taken through, Curriculum Instruction and Supervision; Prudent Financial Management of Public Resources; Material Development; Rationalization of the CBC curriculum, among others.
Educapacity8The County Executive while addressing the participants said “Our aim is to ensure that every child receives a high-quality education aligned with the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) framework. We will explore strategies for effective curriculum planning, teaching methods, and assessment techniques. As leaders in our schools, it is our responsibility to oversee curriculum implementation and support our teachers in providing engaging and meaningful learning experiences for our young learners.

She further said financial management of public resources is a crucial topic in any organization, “We understand the importance of transparent and accountable financial practices in ensuring that resources are used efficiently to benefit our students and teachers. Through this training, we have learned how to effectively budget, track expenditures, and comply with financial regulations to prevent any misuse of public funds.” She told the participants practice what they had learned and should not just be training notes that they wrote and kept away.

Director City Education Ms. Ruth Owuor said the participants have explored material development and the rationalization of the CBC curriculum. She said Quality learning materials play a significant role in supporting teaching and learning in our pre-primary schools. “We have discussed strategies for developing and adapting instructional materials to meet the diverse needs of our students. Additionally, we will work towards rationalizing the CBC curriculum to ensure coherence, relevance, and progression across different levels and subjects.”
Educapacity5Ms. Owuor said the head teachers and champion teachers have been equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead their schools effectively and promote the holistic development of young children in pre-primary education.

The County Executive said the County will continue engaging different stakeholder to support in capacity building and other areas that concern the lives of our children. She urged the team to continue participating and engaging in these kind of trainings and seize every opportunity they get to enhance our capacity as leaders and champions of quality education in our pre-primary schools. “Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of our young learners and pave the way for their bright and prosperous future.” She said.

The Education Department had partnered with NACICO, KLB and Moran Publishers to make the training a success.


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