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Empowering Startups and SMEs: Digital Economy Boot Camp 2024 in Nairobi City County

Startups and SMEs’ ability to maximize their potential and capitalize on existing opportunities are often limited by factors like poor management skills, inadequate understanding of how to leverage digital tools for business growth, and poor business planning.

The Digital Economy and Startup sub-sector of Nairobi City County, in collaboration with Google Hustle Academy, seeks to address this gap by providing Startups and MSMEs with actionable training over a 5-day boot camp each month in the year 2024. The boot camps will cover Business Strategy, Increasing Sales with AI, Digital Marketing & AI, Financial Planning & E-commerce, and Effective Leadership & Pitching

If your business meets the following criteria, apply through this  👉   link:

  1. Businesses that have already defined their product/service offering and are looking to scale
  2. SMBs must have been operating for at least 12 months
  3. SMBs that have generated profit in the last 12 months or are 1-3 months away from breaking even.

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