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ECDE Learners Embark on Talent-Packed Journey to National Drama and Film Festivals 2024

Nairobi: 12th April 2024

The ECDE learners were flagged off by Deputy Director City Education, Mr. Peter Miano and are headed to Embu County where the Kenya Nationals Drama and Film Festivals for this year will be held beginning today.

Mr. Miano said “The Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) has 21 teams proceeding to the Nationals this year for film competition, 2 teams for Choral verse and singing game. Last year Nairobi County brought home 8 trophies from our young learners. Drama Festivals hold a special place in our hearts as we have seen these young ones come out as champions in their own special way. These competitions provide a platform for our children to showcase their artistic abilities and unleash their potential. Here, we witness the magic of storytelling, the power of expression, and the joy of performance among our youngest members of society.
Ecdfest2024 9The Deputy Director said “For these ECDE learners, the drama festival is not just an event but an opportunity to showcase their talents, creativity, and hard work that their teachers have put in to achieve their goals and to get where they are today.”

“This is the beginning of an enriching experience, fostering a love for the arts and inspiring a new generation of performers. The National Drama and Film Festival marks an extraordinary celebration of talent, creativity, and the vibrant spirit of our young learners this is where talent is born and nurtured we look forward to bringing more trophies home this year” said Miano

The Director was Flanked by Assistant Director School Health and Development Rosalia Mueni, Education Officer and ECDE teachers


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