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Disasters need prompt Kananu says

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Acting Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu has asked the disaster management team to prioritize and take prompt action when dealing with disaster strikes to save lives and property.

The acting Governor lauded the team for their quick responses when dealing with fire outbreaks and other disasters.

She also asked the department to be conducting frequent sensitization campaigns.

The county just concluded an exercise on fire safety and burns with the theme being ‘Zingatia Usalama wa Jamii.

The county has been conducting massive awareness programs on matters of disasters across the county especially in fire-prone areas.

“Nairobians depend on us. We need to show our loyalty to them. It’s not a wish but a demand. Your prompt action in dealing with disasters will make you heroes soon,” she said.

Elderly Agnes Kasivu, a resident from Mukuru Kwa Jenga slums, recalled how she was rescued by the Nairobi Disaster Management team when her house caught fire.

She said she did not have a phone at the time. Her neighbor called the team.

“I thank the disaster management for their swift action. Were it not for them, I would have died or even lost everything. My Kabambe had no power and it takes like ten minutes for me to remember the dialing digits. It’s too old and worn-out,” she said.

Doctor Benjamin Wabwire, the head of plastic reconstructive surgery at the Kenyatta National Hospital, said the county is doing a lot on matters of disaster and their response is quick when it comes to helping those in need and those affected.

“These are our people. We should take good care of them. Prompt action when disasters occur assists in saving lives,” he said.

County deputy director of disaster management and coordination Brian Kisali said they receive at least four cases a day and about 120,000 a month.

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Nairobi acting Governor Ann Kananu during a recent tour at a razed School. Kananu has asked the disaster management team to prioritize and take prompt action when dealing disasters strike to save lives and property./GPS

“We thank the whole county management. It’s not easy with such cases. We used to be stoned by rowdy youths. The other challenge is access to areas affected,” he said.

Stephen Mwai, the divisional fire officer, thanked all the volunteers who came onboard to educate Nairobians, especially on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) explosions.

Most of the areas visited were informal settlements and its environs because these are the areas mostly affected by disaster, especially infernos.

“Most of the people who are affected are our mothers and the children,” he said.


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