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Devolution, Public Service and Administration


This sector is responsible for policy formulation and leadership in the following areas

  1. Public Service Management and development policy
  2. Human Resource Development (staff training)
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Organizational design and development (structure)
  5. Performance management and public service innovations
  6. Public service superannuation scheme
  7. Intergovernmental relations (diplomacy)& protocol
  8. Reforms and governance
  9. Procurement services
  10. Legal services



The Sub County Administration Sector was established pursuant to chapter 11 of the constitution of Kenya 2010 and Sections 48 to 54 of the County Government Act No. 17 of 2012.
The sector was established immediately after the election of the first County Government to replace the former decentralization unit which had been established in 2003 by the defunct Nairobi City Council.

The sector is headed by a secretariat led by a County Chief Officer deputized by a director, a Chief Administrative Officer and—staff. The sector has 17 Sub Counties and 85 Wards. Each of the 17 Sub Counties and 85 wards are headed by a Sub County Administrator and a Ward Administrator respectively.
The sector has 2,424 staff deployed across all the 17 Sub Counties and 85 wards. The sub-county administration sub sector is responsible for the coordination, management and supervision of the general administrative functions in the sub-county unit, including developmental activities to empower the community and collection of revenue.

The goal of the sector is to actualize devolution of county services and to ensure that efficient and effective county services are devolved and offered at the lowest level at the wards.
a) To coordinate, Manage and Supervise Provision of General Administrative Functions,
b) To Facilitate and Coordinate Citizen Participation in the Delivery of Service,
c) To Develop Activities to Empower the Community,
d) To Implement Sub County Work plan that is anchored to County Integrated Development Plan.

The operational activities carried out in the sub counties are;
i) Coordination, management and supervision of provision and maintenance of infrastructure and facilities of public services;
ii) Coordination, management and supervision of Provision of the following services;
iii) Coordination, management and supervision of county public service- management of the human resource function in the sub counties;
iv) Coordination, management and supervision of Facilitation and coordination of citizen participation in the development of policies and plans and delivery of services;
v) Coordination, management and supervision of development control;
vi) Coordination, management and supervision of enforcement of County Laws and Bylaws;
vii) Coordination, management and supervision of collection of Revenue from all other revenue streams in all sectors within the county;
viii) Revenue collection.

The sector has achieved the following;
i) Operationalized Sub County Administration by deploying 17 No. Sub County Administrator and 85 No. Ward Administrators;
ii) Provided temporal offices by procuring 20 No. Containers for use as temporary offices;
iii) Developed decentralization structure that has helped other sectors to populate their staff to Sub County and Ward level;
iv) Identified and engaged stakeholders by identifying, updating stakeholders’ lists and holding stake holder forums in all the 17 sub counties;
v) Coordinated with other sectors to devolve county services to the grassroots by mobilizing and posting staff from all other sectors to the Sub County and Ward levels;
vi) Procurement of working tools, protective gear and office furniture. We have supported Sub County and Ward Administrators by procuring staff working tools, protective gear and office furniture;
vii) Capacity building: We have inducted Sub County and Ward Administrators at the Kenya School of Government while other staff have been trained on customer care, disability and gender mainstreaming and HIV management,
viii) Renovation and partitioning of Sub County Administration HQ offices, 8th floor city hall annex and Furnishing the offices with furniture and equipment;
ix) Procurement of 17no. Vehicles. The sector has procured 17no. Vehicles for the Sub County Administrators;
x) Service Delivery. The sector has managed the following in service delivery: Grass Cutting-571,044.8km, Road and Street Sweeping-212,959.08km, Garbage Collection-14,550.611, Litter Picking-2,529.11 and Drain Clearing-1081.62km;

  • County Executive– Vesca Kangogo
  • Chief officer– Leboo Ole Morintat
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