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County ICT and E-government retreat to discuss sector budget reports.

Mombasa, 20th  October 2021

Nairobi City County Information, Communication &  Technology, E- Government and E-Learning (ICT, e-Government and E-Learning) Sector held its’ Sector Working Group(SWG) retreat to discuss the sectors budget reports for adoption in the Medium Term Expenditure  Framework ( MTEF) report.

Speaking during the session, The Chair of the Sector Working Group Ms. Truphena Ogonda who is also the County’s ICT Director, said that the  directorates’ reports will be adopted in the MTEF program based budget report for the Financial year 2022/2023.  Says Ms. Ogonda, “The MTEF report is required by the 20th of October, 2021, therefore the respective directorates should ensure that their proposed projects and programmes are realistic and clearly defined”.

Said Ms. Ogonda “The Projects and programmes should be aligned with the Sectors’ mandate which is to develop modern ICT Infrastructure, automation of all County services and dissemination of information for effective and efficient service delivery.”

The other County sectors that have also met for respective Sector Working Group sessions led by respective team leaders to  discuss and prepare for Medium Term Expenditure Framework(MTEF) report include; Disaster Management and Agriculture and Food Sectors.




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