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County Executives

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County Executives


Her Excellency Anne Kananu Mwenda

Governor Nairobi City County

Winfred Gathagu Cecm Finance And Economic Planning

Ms. Winfred Gathangu

CECM Trade ,Tourism and Cooperative development.



CECM Education, Youth, Sports, Gender Affairs, Culture and Social Services


Mohamed Ahmed Dagane Cecm Health Services

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Dagane

CECM Roads,Public works and Transport


CECM Devolution ,Public service and Administration 

Larry Wambua Cecm Food Agriculture Livestock Development Fisheries And Forestry

Mr. Larry Wambua

CECM Environment ,Energy ,Water and Natural Resources 

Hitan Majevdia Cecm Roads Public Works And Transport

Mr. Hitan Majevdia

CECM  Health Services

Lucia Muli

Ms. Lucia Muli

CECM Food, Agriculture, Livestock Development, Fisheries & Forestry



Newton Munene Njiru Cecm Icte Government

Mr. Newton Munene Njiru

CECM ICT and E-Government

Allan Igambi Cecm Finance

Mr. Allan Igambi

CECM- Finance and Economic Planning 



CECM  – Lands, Urban Planning, Urban Renewal,Housing and Project Management.


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