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County Executive Leads Inter-Sectorial Review Meeting with World Vision Tumikia Mtoto Program to Assess Progress and Plan Ahead for Nairobi’s Vulnerable Communities

NAIROBI: 6th May 2024

In collaboration with World Vision Tumikia Mtoto program, an inter-sectorial review meeting for 3rd quarter of the year was held today to review and discuss how far ahead the sector s were in terms of progress in the planned projects and activities. The meeting that was held at a Nairobi Hotel was led by the County Executive for Talent Skill Development and Care Rosemary Kariuki.

Over the past three months, Sectors joint efforts with World Vision have yielded significant progress in addressing the social needs in the community in Nairobi especially those concerning vulnerable children and older persons. Nairobi City County has made significant strides in enhancing access to essential services, promoting education, empowering vulnerable groups, and improving healthcare outcomes.

The County Executive said “In the area of education, our partnership has seen the successful implementation of literacy programs reaching over 1,000 vulnerable children across various neighborhoods in the City. Rescue and reintegration of children. Rescue, welfare and the wellbeing of vulnerable and abandoned older persons. Through this initiative, we are laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning and empowerment especially for those children and older persons who felt all hope was lost.”
Intersectralreview 14“Additionally, our focus on healthcare initiatives for this vulnerable group has resulted in improved access to medical services, especially for expectant young mothers, infants, vulnerable children and older persons in our institutions, By conducting health awareness campaigns we are ensuring that healthcare remains a basic right for every citizen no matter the situation they are in.” she said.

The County Executive said “In terms of empowerment, our community development programs have supported local entrepreneurs, particularly youth, women and SMEs, to start and grow their businesses. By providing training on how to access microloans, we are fostering economic resilience and reducing poverty within our community. We have in the last quarter organized monthly socioeconomic empowerment of community based groups by working with self-help groups, organized exhibitions mainly for products produced by various self-help groups based in Nairobi.”

She said in the next quarter the sector will focus on building upon these achievements and initiate new programs to address emerging challenges. Ms. Kariuki said priority areas for the upcoming months include:

“Expansion of Education Initiatives, to reach more vulnerable children with our literacy programs and introduce CBC and STEM-focused workshops to enhance digital literacy skills. Youth Development, launch mentorship programs and vocational training workshops to equip young adults with the skills needed for employment and entrepreneurship. Community Advocacy, engage in advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about social issues affecting our community, including equality and welfare for older persons and vulnerable children.”

“Partnership strengthening, commit to enhancing collaboration with local stakeholders, government agencies, and other NGOs to maximize our impact and ensure sustainability.”
Intersectralreview 7Chief Officer for Social services George Mutiso urged the team to device ways to support the elderly by coming up with programs and homes that can support them. He pointed out that the urban life set up is different from rural areas where families live together and have the obligation of taking care of older persons. “This kind of social system is lacking in urban our urban setup where individualism is the norm.” He tasked the team to come up with strategies that can accommodate elderly and promote their welfare and wellbeing especially in an urban environment.”

The sector intends to collaborate in the following activities coming up in the last quarter of the year, Capacity building and system strengthening, Mental wellness training for Children officers/ social workers and safe house workers, Children and Gender, Day of African Child, Care reform, Children act Case MGT, Budgeting, Child Protection and Safeguarding policy Capacity building for personnel, Awareness workshop for Members of the County Assembly.

Also in attendance was Chief Officer for Early Childhood Education Development and Vocational Training Ahmed Abdi, representatives from Planning, County Commissioners Office, Civil Registrar, Social Protection, Gender, Ministry of Education and Affirmative Fund.


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