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County Director Chairs Crucial Meeting with Water Sector Stakeholders to Enhance Coordination and Review Annual Work Plan Progress

Nairobi, 29th February 2024

County Director in charge of Water and Sanitation Mr. Mario Kainga chaired a meeting with water sector principal stakeholders to review amongst other issues, the progress on the County joint annual work plan implementation, progress on utility key impact performance indicators, challenges and actions to close gaps.
Waterstake6The principal stakeholders’ coordination draws its membership from Nairobi City County Government, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company and Athi Water Development Agency, Water Sector Trust Fund and it is tasked with formulation of annual joint county work plan between water department, the Water Utility, National Water works development agency and the water sector trust fund.

“As we work towards ensuring water availability, affordability, quality and safety, a good water sector coordination mechanism is necessary to help achieve sustainable and effective government led water sector, delivering  efficient  and accountable services in the fulfilment of the right to water to Nairobi residents.” Said Mr. Kainga.



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