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Collaborative Effort: Nairobi City County and HAART Spearhead Initiative to Combat Human Trafficking with Dedicated Rescue Center

Nairobi: 24th, April 2024

In collaboration with HAART, Nairobi City County is exploring ways to establish a dedicated rescue center aimed at providing critical support and refuge to victims of this heinous crime. Human trafficking is a stark reality that plagues our communities, preying on the vulnerable and exploiting human lives for profit. The stories of those ensnared in this web of exploitation are harrowing—men, women, and children robbed of their dignity, forced into labor, or subjected to unspeakable abuses.

The Chief Officer for Social Services Mr. George Mutiso has said that Nairobi City County has a vision—a vision to combat one of the gravest crimes of our time: human trafficking. Nairobi experiences first hand acts of human trafficking both locally and internationally it is therefore our responsibility to ensure safety for the vulnerable in the society.

Mr. Mutiso said “Even as we pledge to take action. We recognize that merely acknowledging this issue is not enough. We must act decisively and compassionately to address it. The establishment of a rescue center is a beacon of hope, a sanctuary for those who have been silenced and marginalized. It will serve as a lifeline, offering immediate shelter, medical care, legal assistance, and psychosocial support to survivors of trafficking.”
Humantrafickingcentre 1He said the approach the County intends to take will be comprehensive. With partners like HAART we intend to conduct rigorous needs assessments to understand the scope of trafficking in our city and identify gaps in existing services. We also seek to forge partnerships with local and international organizations, law enforcement agencies, and healthcare providers to create a seamless network of support.

The Chief Officer told the meeting that there was need of ensuring the sustainability and efficacy of such a project. HAART has committed to prioritize capacity building, training our staff in trauma-informed care and specialized services tailored to the unique needs of trafficking survivors. HAART will take a lead in mobilization of funding, not just through governmental budgets, but through grants and private donations.

Mr. Mutiso said that HAART will in collaboration with the Social Services Subsector, assist in Education and awareness creation of Citizens in Nairobi. “As we forge this partnership we in the near future intend launch public campaigns to shine a light on this dark issue, encouraging communities to report suspicious activities and join us in our fight against human trafficking.”

“It is important to note that H.E Governor Sakaja is committed to providing justice and human rights, this center therefore will be a testament to his commitment to the citizens of this City and the Country as a whole. The Centre will provide survivors with the tools they need to reclaim their lives—shelter, education, vocational training, and most importantly, hope and opportunity” he said.


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