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Celebrating Youth Talent and Creativity: Chief Officer Oscar Mr. Igaida Joins CS Ababu Namwamba at National Finals of Talanta Hela Tournament

NAIROBI: 4th December 2023.

Chief Officer Youth, Talent and Sports, Oscar Mr. Igaida joined the Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports and Arts, Ababu Namwamba during launch of National finals of Talanta Hela Tournament at Nyayo stadium.

Said the Chief Officer “This platform has been a journey of passion, creativity, and resilience, showcasing the incredible talents that lie within our diverse community. As we embark on the finals, let us not only witness the performances but also appreciate the stories, emotions, and unique perspectives that each participant brings to the stage.”
Talanta3“Participation in Talanta Hela has provided a platform for our youth to hone and showcase their talents, be it in music, dance, art, or other creative endeavors. This has helped them in confidence Building development and refinement of their skills, Exposure and Networking.” he said.

The Chief Officer Said “The competition environment challenges participants to step out of their comfort zones, boosting self-confidence and resilience. The feedback received and the experience of performing in front of an audience contribute significantly to personal growth. Talanta Hela has exposed our youth to a wider audience and industry professionals. This exposure can lead to valuable networking opportunities, mentorship possibilities, and even potential career paths in the creative arts.”

“Talanta Hela will not only provide a stage for showcasing talents but also serve as a transformative experience that equips the youth with skills, confidence, and connections that can shape their future positively. It is also an opportunity for Cultural Exchange, Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Personal Expression and Empowerment, Inspiration for Others and Promotion of Positive Values “added Mr. Igaida
Talanta1“To the finalists, remember that is not just about winning or losing; it’s about sharing your passion with the world. Embrace this moment, cherish the connections you make, and let your talents shine. Your journey here has already made you winners, and the stage is set for you to leave an indelible mark” he said in his closing remarks.

Nairobi girls team plays against Kisumu at Nyayo stadium today at noon.


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