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Built Environment and Urban Planning Sector

This sector deals with Regularization of property, Approval of buildings, Urban renewal and regeneration of old housing.

  • Rating and Valuation
  • Property Management
  • Forward Planning
  • Development Control
  • Urban Design
  • Land Survey
  • Enforcement
  • Rental Housing Development & Management
  • Low cost Housing
  • Slum upgrading

Physical Location: City Hall, 2nd Floor
Telephone: +254 20 217 7264

  • County Executive– Mr. Stephen Gathuita Mwangi
  • Chief Officer Lands – Cecilia Koigu
  • Chief Officer  Urban  Development and Planning – Patrick Analo Akivaga.
  • Chief Officer Housing and Urban Renewal – Marion Nyawira Rono

Lands Sub Sector

Sector Objectives; –

  • Economic Empowerment (Titles) to Nairobi City residents to enable them access loans/funds.
  • To implement responsive policies for land management.
  • To provide surveys/legal services for delivery of security of land tenure to property owners/County Government.
  • To maintain an updated land register/GIS database for efficient land management.
  • To provide technical services for infrastructural development and maintenance.
  • Integrated GIS system in place.
  • Succession issues for the deceased allottees.
  • Limited financial resources to facilitate conveyancing to most of the original allottees, the old and incapacitated.

Sectors’ Vision & Mission

To provide efficient Land Administration and Management services for sustainable Socio-Economic planning, Growth and Development within Nairobi City.

Sector Mandate

  • Undertake Title Surveys, Infrastructure Surveys, Geographical Information Systems and Land Registration in the County of Nairobi.
  • Custodian of Survey and GIS data for the County.
  • Advisor to the Nairobi City County Government on all Land related matters and Geospatial information within the County.

The Sector has achieved the following:-

  • 871 properties with Titles within County Land surveyed.
  • 4,000 leases for residents of Eastlands and Kahawa West Prepared, Embakasi Ranching, Chieko, Utawala etc. have been prepared.
  • Out of 27,464 property surveyed, 1,023 lease titles have been prepared and ready for issuance.
  • 47 No. of Titles prepared for public utilities.
  • 110km of Roads, Drains and Walkways surveyed –Output is subject to requests for survey service from Roads, Public Works & Transport Sector.
  • 25,000 No. of Parcel digitized for GIS Cadastral database expansion.
  • 2 No. Databases developed for rates and riparian reserves & Integration with the other County Departments.
  • 1,197 No. Lease documents (1,150 No. private, 47 No. public facilities) processed and awaiting registration.
  • 1,200 lease documents have been forwarded to the County Attorney for sealing and signing.
  • Ledger records for 27,000 no. properties (mainly from the Dandora Registry) are digitized and at the Ministry of Lands, ready for printing of titles upon preparation and registration of corresponding lease documents.

Ongoing Projects

  • Development and entrenchment of a GIS Based Mass Valuation Roll.

The number of cases on titling processing was awarded to 5 No. Law Firms as follows:-

KTK Law Firm:-

  • Kariobangi Tenant Purchase Scheme
  • Uhuru Estate Tenant Purchase Scheme
  • Kimathi Tenant Purchase Scheme
  • Mutarakwa Scheme
  • Kariobangi Riverbank
  • Harambee Tenant Purchase Scheme
  • Lower Civil Servant
  • Buruburu Riverbank (City Carton)
  • Kariobangi South Infills

Mbugwa, Atudo & Macharia Advocates:-

  • Kayole Site & Service Scheme
  • Kayole Soweto Resettlement
  • Kayole Spring Valley
  • Kayole Shopping Centre
  • Kayole Shopping Centre Extension
  • Embakasi Riverbank

Miller & Co. Advocates:-

  • Kayole Site & Service Scheme
  • Kayole Soweto Resettlement
  • Kayole Spring Valley
  • Kayole Shopping Centre
  • Kayole Shopping Centre Extension
  • Embakasi Riverbank

MMC Africa Law:-

  • Dandora Phase 1-5
  • Dandora Ex-Muoroto
  • Canaan Dandora
  • Dandora Block G
  • Dandora Sharp Corner

Okundi & Co. Advocates:-

  • Mathare North
  • Ngei Phases I-II
  • Huruma
  • Mathare Valley Re-Development
  • Mathare Fire Victims
  • Kariobangi Light Industries
  • Kariobangi Site & Service Scheme (Kamunde Road)

Valuation and Property Management Department

This is a sub-sector in Lands Sector and comprises of three Divisions mainly: –

  • Rating Division handles;-
  • Valuation of properties for Rating purposes
  • Annual preparation of Supplementary Valuation Rolls
  • Updating of the relevant data and records for rating purposes.
  • This involves preparation of Valuation Rolls every 10 years or as approved.
  • Facilitating the convening of the Valuation Court for purpose of appeals/objections to entries in Valuation Rolls.

The property Management handles:-

  • Management and maintenance of County properties-occupied and/or lease by the County.
  • Management of all land owned/occupied by Nairobi City County including planning for use of such land in liaison with the Planning Department and other Nairobi City County Departments.
  • Management of all land owned/occupied and/or leased by the County.
  • Valuation for rental, sale and purchase purposes as well as other purposes.
  • Management of Trading Establishments and other Commercial properties like City Hall Annexe.
  • Preparation and maintenance of property register.
  • Lease Management, rental assessments and review of City County’s properties.
  • Appraisal and evaluation of Nairobi City County developments projects including Tenant Purchase, Rental Schemes and service.
  • Acquisition and General Division handles:-
  • Acquisition of land by negotiations and/or compulsorily for the following purposes.
  • Water and sewer easements and other easements, wayleaves and registration.
  • Public purpose e.g. for construction of schools, health centers, cemetery etc.
  • Scrutiny and approval of sub-divisions, building plan and wayleave applications.
  • Scrutiny and approval of sub-divisions, building plans and wayleave applications.
  • Custody of County properties.
  • Valuation of County properties.
  • Valuation of County properties for insurance.
  • Valuation for Stand Premium and Annual Ground Rent.
  • Preparation and maintenance of Asset Register.

Fees and Charges for Services offered in Lands Sector:

  • Provisional Valuation Fees-                           Kshs.    5,000.00
  • Omission of Rateable Property                     Kshs.        500.00
  • Transfer of Rateable Property                       Kshs.   1,000.00
  • Temporary Occupation License                    Kshs.    7,500.00
  • Copy of a Building plan                                  Kshs.    5,000.00
  • Valuation Maps and plans                             Kshs.    3,750.00
  • Search fee                                                          Kshs.       750.00
  • Extension of lease                                            Kshs.  15,000.00
  • Ground rent for standard area                      Kshs.    4,500.00

Name and contact details of officers who will handle complaints in the Sector.

S/No. Name Designation Office Contact

Housing and Urban Renewal

Sector Objectives:-

  • Facilitate development of decent and affordable housing units within Nairobi City County in support of Agenda 4 plan on provision of affordable housing.
  • Improve security of tenure and living conditions in informal settlements
  • Improve habitability of County rental houses/estates
  • Provide technical assistance in construction of modern County buildings

Availability of decent and affordable housing to residents of Nairobi County.

Improved living conditions of Nairobi residents through upgrading of informal settlements and re-development of existing County estates

Sector Mandates:

  • Housing policy guidance.
  • Facilitate access to decent and affordable housing to residents of Nairobi County.
  • Improve quality and standards of technical and construction works.
  • Building Projects’ design, preparation of documents for tendering, supervision, evaluation, certification and closure of projects.
  • Upgrading of informal settlements.
  • Management of NCCG rental housing stocks to improve habitability of County rental housing.
  • Urban housing land banking through urban renewal.
  • Management of NCCG rental housing stocks as well as the physical environment, services and infrastructure therein by way of framework of institutional response.
  • Housing provision especially affordable low cost housing solutions through appropriate partnerships, innovative strategies, smart programming and also giving recognition to the provisions under Article 43 of the Constitution  concerning economic and social rights as pertains to access to adequate housing and proper sanitation.
  • Informal/Slum settlements conversion & upgrading to transform to sustainable & resilient human settlements.
  • Provision of technical assistance to self-help housing construction initiatives by low-income communities and households to ensure enhanced housing quality, habitability and safety for families and provision of basic infrastructure & services.
  • Urban Renewal and Regeneration Policy guidance.
  • Undertake holistic and comprehensive urban renewal; to reverse and prevent urban degeneration at the local places; to deliver new urban housing, services & infrastructure; to revitalize, redevelop and regenerate declining/declined urban localities like old NCCG housing estates, dilapidated strategic public facilities and services.

On-Going Projects:-

  • The Procurement for Consultants for the re-planning of 13No. of informal settlements for the KISIP Project.
  • Progress report presented to Planning and Housing committee of the Nairobi County assembly for development of the Master Plan for Eastlands.
  • Construct a 1.7km perimeter stonewall in Huruma Estate.
  • Renovation on going for three no flats in Buruburu.
  • Draft Housing Policy developed.
  • Sessional Paper on Urban regeneration approved by the County Assembly.
  • Renovation of nine blocks of toilets in Embakasi.

Up Coming Projects:-

  • Facilitate implementation of Urban Renewal Master plan.
  • Improve the living conditions in the slums/informal settlements -Mji wa Huruma Social Housing Project.
  • Procurement of Technical services to guide the process of redevelopment of the following 8No. County.
  • Estates whose target is to deliver at least 67,000No. Housing Units.

Phase 2 Projects:-

   Lot 1– Jericho, Lumumba and Maringo

   Lot 2– Bahati and Shauri Moyo

   Lot 3– Ziwani, Gorofani and Bondeni

  • Draft proposal prepared development of a plan to guide development of Eastlands.


  • Draft on Housing Policy awaiting validation and approval by the County Assembly.
  • Sessional paper on Urban renewal and Regeneration approved.

Sector Achievements:-

  • Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Programme (KISIP) 4 km of roads and accompanying drainage.
  • Completed Kayole Soweto and 6 No. floodlights installed.
  • Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Programme (KISIP)
  • KCC Mowlem ward.
  • Improved sanitation in Embakasi.
  • Repair works of County Rental houses.

Staff handling complaints:

Ag. Director Housing

O721 155 043

General Inquiries

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