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Boosting Urban Innovations for Livelihoods (Rebuild) Project Nairobi City County and The International Rescue Committee Refugee Collaboration


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aims to promote the welfare of refugees and vulnerable host communities in Nairobi City County. The collaboration will focus on implementing the Re-Build program components, including service delivery, evidence learning, influence and adoption pillars.

Early Childhood Education Development (ECDE) subsector have started the implementation of an MOU that was signed in 2022 between International Rescue Committee(IRC) and Nairobi City County. The Parties will work together to address challenges hindering effective service delivery in the County, such as sustainable urban planning, access to affordable housing, public transport, revenue generation, solid waste management, water and sanitation infrastructure.

Mr. Ahmed Abdi, Chief Officer Early Childhood Education Development and Vocational Training Said “The primary objective is to improve the overall economic and social welfare of refugees and vulnerable host communities in Nairobi City County. This will be achieved through capacity building, policy review, and assessments. The Parties have specific responsibilities outlined in the MOU, including providing necessary access to information, technical support, and promoting knowledge exchange.”

“Areas of cooperation will include education and skills training, inclusive development plans and policies, trade and entrepreneurship support, capacity building, and interdepartmental coordination. The implementation will be carried out through specific arrangements, including an Implementation Plan and a Joint Implementation Team (JIT) to coordinate activities.” Said Abdi

Both parties have agreed to implement the joint commitment to cooperation and support for refugees and vulnerable host communities in Nairobi City County.


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