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Battle Of The Choirs 2nd Edition 2024 Knockouts Stage Qualifiers Held At Charter Hall Nairobi City County

The Battle of the Choirs 2nd Edition 2024 Knockouts Stage Qualifiers held at Charter Hall in Nairobi City County took on an added intensity as choirs vied not only for glory but also for the grand prize of Kenya Shillings 2 million. As Easter approached, the stakes were higher than ever, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the competition.

The event saw choirs from all corners of the City pour their hearts and souls into their performances, knowing that the coveted prize could be within their grasp. Each group brought their A-game, showcasing their talent, dedication, and passion for music on the prestigious stage of Charter Hall.
Qualifiers1The County Executive for Inclusivity, Public Participation and Customer Service, the sector responsible for the event, Dr. Anastasia Nyalita said “We bear witness to an unparalleled display of talent, passion, and soul-stirring melodies as choirs from Nairobi converge to vie for their rightful place in the grand finals during this Easter season.”

She said “In the crucible of competition, choirs have faced rigorous challenges, each note a testament to their dedication and artistry. And now, as we enter the knockout stage, the stakes have never been higher. With hearts pounding and voices tuned to perfection, these remarkable choirs will leave no stone unturned in their quest for victory.”
Qualifiers3Dr. Nyalita said that in this auditory spectacle, let us not only revel in the harmonies that grace our ears but also acknowledge the countless hours of practice, the unwavering commitment, and the sheer determination that have brought these choirs to this pivotal moment.
Qualifiers6Chief Officer City Culture, Arts and Tourism Clement Rapudo said the Battle of the Choirs 2nd Edition 2024 will be remembered not only for its fierce competition but also for the bonds forged, the memories created, and the melodies that will linger in our hearts long after the final curtain falls on 1st April 2024 during the finals at KICC. “We expect to do this again next year for 3rd edition. This give our choirs a platform away from the normal and every team looking forward to the grand price gives them motivation to look forward to. Here careers are built and nurtured let us all support our choirs.”
Qualifiers8The flagship project is an initiative by Governor Sakaja that aims at promoting local choral music and onboard local talent, culture and religion. The choral extravaganza is an annual event which is in its second edition and is held during the Easter holidays. The ultimate prize for the winning choir is 2 Million Kes,1 Million for the second place and 500,000 Kshs for the third place, all sponsored by H.E. Governor Sakaja. The Battle of the Choirs will take place during the Easter weekend on the 31st and 1st of April 2024 at KICC.


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