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Addressing The Challenge of Drug Addiction Among Women in Nairobi City County.

Nairobi: 10th May 2024

Drug addiction among women is a pressing issue that often goes unnoticed or unaddressed. Women facing addiction encounter unique challenges including stigma, lack of resources, and barriers to seeking help due to social and family responsibilities. Nairobi City County has made major strides towards supporting and empowering women dealing with drug addiction.

Nairobi County, in partnership with Women Nest, has launched an inspiring initiative to provide holistic support to these women. Women Nest, a dedicated organization committed to empowering women in our community, has joined hands with Nairobi County to create tailored programs and interventions specifically designed for women affected by drug addiction.

Chief Officer for Social Services George Mutiso said “Drug abuse doesn’t only impact the individual using drugs; it also has far-reaching effects on their relationships, finances and overall well-being. Families are often torn apart by the strain of addiction with loved ones feeling overwhelmed. Employment opportunities may be lost, financial stability may crumble and legal troubles can arise as a result of drug abuse.”

The Chief Officer said “Addressing drug abuse requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses prevention, treatment and harm reduction strategies. Education plays a crucial role in preventing drug abuse, by raising awareness of the risks and consequences associated with substance abuse. Early intervention and access to evidence-based treatment programs are essential for individuals struggling with addiction to reclaim their lives and rebuild healthy habits.”

Through this collaboration, several key initiatives are set to be implemented:

Rehabilitation Centers, Counseling and Therapy Services, Skill Development Programs, Community Outreach and Awareness.

“The impact of these initiatives is profound. Many women can successfully overcome addiction, rebuilt their lives, and become advocates for change within their communities, however, as a community, we must continue to support these efforts, raise awareness, and advocate for policies that prioritize the needs of women affected by addiction. “Said the Chief Officer.


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