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3,000 Vulnerable Households to receive water storage containers across the County.

Nairobi, 24th April  2023 – Nairobi City County Chief officer, Public Health, Tom Nyakaba launched the distribution of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene water storage containers and buckets to ensure water safety to 3,000 vulnerable households across the County.

Said Mr. Nyakaba “This distribution is part of the County’s Cholera response and will go a long way in reducing the ongoing cholera outbreak. We urge the residents at the households to make use of buckets and containers. We have issued over 39,000 chlorine Aquatabs in our public facilities and are readily available to the public. I want to emphasize to Nairobi residents that cholera treatment is free, therefore I urge affected persons to come for treatment early at our respective facilities near you. I  also want to thank our partner UNICEF for their support thus far.”
Vhouseholds1The Director Preventive and Promotive Health Dr. Caroline Ngunu said  “l want to urge the public to use latrines/toilets, ensure handwashing  after using the toilet and before eating. Wash all foods thoroughly, especially fruits and vegetables with clean water, and only eat properly cooked food. Please also watch out for the following symptoms; profuse watery diarrhoea, sometimes described as “rice-water stools”, vomiting, thirst, leg cramps, restlessness, or irritability. Any sign of this kindly make your way to your nearest public facility for treatment.”

The Director Environmental Health , Mrs. Margaret Sunguti urged the public to avoid buying food from unlicensed food premises and vendors. Cholera is mainly caused by floods and frequent sewer bursts, so be extra cautious.



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