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  1. Water, Energy, Forestry, Environment and Natural Resources
  2. wat
  3. County Executive Committee Member Engineer, Water, Energy, Forestry, Environment and Natural Resources Engineer  Bernard Kimori Maraga
  4. Chief Officer Engineer Christine Ogut-  0720941496
  5.    This sector is responsible for  water supply and sewerage, environmental and solid waste management, Forestry and open spaces management. 
  6. Achievements:
  7. Water and Sanitation

1.      Expansion of water & sewer reticulation in informal settlements at a cost of KES 30m

2.      Water reticulation in Nairobi increased to cover 70% of the city with 400,000 new connections

3.      1,200 ATM water dispensers with swipe cards launched in the informal settlements to increase safe water availability and cost to residents.

4.      ATM water dispensers charge 50 cents instead of sh 30 per 20 litres container a great reduction in the  cost of water

5.       45 water dispensers in Mashimoni village Mathare in June 2015

6.       16 ATM water dispensers launched in Kahawa Soweto in 2016. At a cost of Kes 85,000/- each

7.      500 water tanks bought by NCCG and distributed to youth and women groups in all the 85 wards, to increase

water availability.


8.      16 water bowsers bought to distribute safe and cheap water to the areas yet to be covered by the reticulation network.

  1. Environment and solid waste management
  2. 1. Franchise garbage collection system adopted

2. NCCG continues to collect and transport garbage in partnership with competitively selected sub-contractors

3. 46 Environmental public awareness campaigns to improve environmental management carried out

4. Garbage transportation truck fleet increased from 13 in 2013 to 43 trucks today an average of 15 trucks per year

5. Refuse collection increased from 25% 600 tons of daily generation to 60% or 1960 tones daily

6. Garbage pillage in the city reduced drastically

7. City much cleaner than the pre 2013 situation

8. Drainage cleaning covering the cities 2000 kilometers carried out in the entire city