Sonko warns county workers against strike

Posted by Public Communications team
on 6 September 2017
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 Nairobi, 5th September, 2017
Sonko warns county workers against strike
Governor Mike Sonko has warned County workers against participating in a purported strike which was being called by some County union officials over unpaid salaries.  The Governor in a press release  said his attention has been drawn to a press report attributed to the Secretary General of the County Workers Union, Nairobi Branch Benson Olunga demanding an immediate payment of the Shs 18b failure to which the county staff threatens  to down their tools.
Responding to the union official sentiments, the governor reiterated his commitment and undertaking to ensure that County staff are paid promptly as human resource management remains key to his administration. However, the county boss rebuked the union official and told him that his  administration shall not work under any threat, intimidation, blackmail or coercion from any quarter.
 Governor Mbuvi Sonko with County Union officials 30th August, 2017.
"Mr. Olunga must stop seeking relevance having failed to properly represent the interest of the county workers from the previous regime.  He should be aware that no amount of threats or blackmail can deter me from following laid down procedures as far as human resource management is concerned.." said Sonko.
Earlier on Wednesday 30th of August, Governor Sonko had met the union officials whom they unanimously agreed to look into the matters affecting the county staff salaries and other dues.
Wondering why the union official was rushing to call the strike yet his government was keen to negations, Sonko said that he was disturbed by the call and read malice in it.
"Cartels are now fighting back through Olunga but Nairobians must know that the same cartels whose interest
Olunga is serving are the ones messing up revenue collection thus leading to lack of finances to pay salaries in good time. Olunga should know he will never arm-twist my administration for personal gains at the expense of the County Workers" said Sonko.
The governor said he is yet to receive assumption of office report which should detail all pending payments and debts. The Governor said that he is in the process of constituting a Cabinet and the County Assembly members are yet to be sworn in for approval of some expenditure which must be generated from the county treasury and approved by the County Assembly.

Sonko  assured the County workers that their August salaries shall be paid this week. He added that he has the interests of the workers at heart hence the reason why he declined to spend Shs 25m set for his inauguration.  The Governor directed that the amount should be used to pay  the county's staff salaries.