County staff plant trees in Kayole in an effort to improve the environment

Posted by Public Communications Team
on 4 December 2016
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County staff plant trees in Kayole in an effort to improve the  environment 

The County Sub County Administrator, Embakasi Central Mr. Stephen Cheruyoit Kosgei  1st December, 2016 led his staff and Kayole residents in planting  200 trees on Masimba/ Soweto Rd in Kayole South Ward.

The county staff who were  also joined by Imani Children Home and Kayole Mtaa Safi members planted trees, collected garbage and unblocked the drainage system on the road.

“This initiative was born on the realization that the responsibility of taking care of our environment is a concerted effort and indeed the greatest players  are the residents. The county government has therefore been working closely with area residents,  Kayole Mtaa Safi and Imani Children Home in  weekly clean ups where more than 20 tonnes of garbage is collected and transported to Dandora dumpsite,” said Kosgei. He urged the residents to manage the garbage output by sorting it out and depositing it to the designated points and stop clogging the drainage system with litter.

Kayole twoThe Sub County Administrator for Embakasi Central Mr Stephen Cheruiyot Kosgei (in a green cap) is assisted by his staff members to plant a tree on Masimba/Soweto Road in Kayole.

Kayole Mtaa Safi, a non Government organization which had been working with the County government  and residents since 2014, offering voluntary services to ensure the environment of the area is improved also participated.

The Secretary of Kayole Mtaa Safi,  Mr. Immanuel Landy-Ariel said, “We have been here since 2014. Our goal is to rally the Kayole residents in ensuring that the environment is clean,” adding that the County Government administration provides all logistics to make it a success."