Mama Mbogas gets reprieve from Governor Sonko

Posted by Kithinji Itere
on 28 June 2018
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Nairobi 28th June 2018
Mama Mbogas gets a reprieve from Governor Sonko
Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has  given a reprieve to Mama Mbogas  by eliminating the Shs 25 charge and instead extended his taxing regime to supermarkets 
for carrier bags.
The acting County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic Planning Mr Charles Kerich presenting Shs 32 billion 2018/ 2019 budget to the Nairobi City County Assembly 26th June, 2018y afternoon.said that the county will generate 15.5b from its internal sources while the balance will be financed from the National Government.
The County will also tax private institutions dealing with car park services.  Also targeted for taxing is the gambling, gaming and lotteries.
The County Government has proposed to review the fees for outdoor advertisement and signage. Many of the outdoor advertisement companies owe the County millions in unpaid fees. 
Motorists who default in paying parking charges will dig deeper into their pockets to pay the introduced towing charges by the county. 
To safeguard the environment, the County has introduced the environmental waste management charge for households and businesses. 
Also set to go up is the land fees and charges. The finance boss proposed land valuation roll to bring the rates to the prevailing market. The last land valuation roll was reviewed in 1982.
The budget, the first one under Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko's administration is expected to turn into reality the vision of making Nairobi "The city of choice to invest, work and live in."