Kidero praises former president Moi for his contribution in education

Posted by Public Communications Team
on 20 March 2017
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Kidero praises former president Moi for his contribution in education
Dr Kidero 17th March, 2017 heaped praise on former president Moi for his love for children and his huge contribution in education matters. The Governor said this when he presided over Moi Educational Center prize giving day that was held at the facility  in Nairobi West off Langata road.
Dr Kidero praised the President Daniel Arap Moi,  the second president of the Republic of Kenya for establishing  great institutions among them, Sunshine, Kabarak and Moi Educational Center. He added that President Moi was instrumental in the creation of the 64 public universities that our children are studying from at present." I would like to say that these investment has boosted education in the country and given the school continuous improvement and posting of excellent and impressive results.
" Nairobi today, has over half a million pupils that need close to 4000 classes to create optimum and conducive learning environment" said Dr Kidero.
Although management of primary and secondary education is a National Government's  function, Dr Kidero has managed to bring stakeholders on board who have added over 172 classrooms to the county classrooms stock.
Dr Kidero said that the percent of children transiting from primary school remains low due to unavailability of enough openings in the County, However, the Governor said that the County Government will continue to engage stakeholders to ensure that the situation is reversed. Further, Dr. Kidero  said that his government will continue to invest in vocational training centers to offer development skills to the vast of of Nairobi youth.  Nairobi county currently has 15 vocational training centers spread across the city. These centers offer diverse trade ranging from carpentry and wood craft, metal fabrication, garment design and manufacture, food and beverages service and production, motor vehicle mechanic, electrical to mention but s few.

Quoting from the book of Deuteronomy the Governor urged the parents at the school and residents of Nairobi in general to choose discerning men to rule over them, apparently asking them to vote for him in the coming election.

Present at the event were parents of the school that included political luminaries like KANUs Issac Salaat, the Centers Chair of the Board Mr Chemngorem, Nairobi City County Deputy Speaker Ken Ngondi among a host of current and aspiring leaders in the city.

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