Nairobi City County Initiates ICT Transformation Programs to enhance Service Delivery

on 7 March 2018
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March 6th March 2018

Nairobi City County has initiated ICT transformation programs aimed at utilizing technology to improve citizen service delivery, increase efficiency and enhance revenue collection. This is intended to be done through implementation and deployment of suitable ICT solutions at the County’s Headquarters and its satellite offices.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will replace some of the functionality within the legacy financial management systems (LAIFOMS) which is currently in use, incorporate with Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), integrate with a payment system recently implemented as well as existing standalone applications like construction permit administration and provide a platform for the revenue collection activities.

The overall objective of the ERP is to automate the revenue collection cycle from assessment, recognition, collection and accounting. Through the ERP, Nairobi County expects to have a single view of the citizen where aggregated services per each service line can be viewed from one single view.

Speaking during ICT transformation program workshop held at Panari Hotel, the acting County Executive for Information, Communication and e-Government, Charles Kerich called on efficient management of the different revenue streams within the County. He stated that by understanding the ERP process, it would bring order in the system. He stressed that there is a need for replacement of legacy financial systems (LAIFOMS) and that the County does not intend to have a system that cannot generate revenue and that there is a need for a system that will not be subject to manipulation.

Mr Kerich insisted that the County will prioritize revenue management because the system will be able to point out loopholes that are being exploited. Through generating more revenue, the County will be able to implement other projects that they have.

The County Director for IC & e-Government Benter Ogot emphasized that the ERP is not a project for IC & e-Government Sector alone but rather for the entire County and it should be embraced to serve the public better.

Mr Kerich who was accompanied by CECM’s Emma Mukuhi, Mohamed Dagane and Danvas Makori urged County Chief Officers and Sub County Finance Officers to take time to engage the IC& e-Government Sector fully so that they can be able to understand and tailor the system to suit their respective sector needs since they are the users.