County partners in digging 40 boreholes in the city

Posted by Public Communications Team
on 17 February 2017
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County partners in digging 40 boreholes in the city
Nairobi City County  Governor, Dr Evans Kidero and Water CS, Eugene Wamalwa got into a partnership which would yield in the digging of more than 40 boreholes in the City.

 "The County and National Government  have agreed to stabilise the city as we await the long rains at a cost of Shs  200m. The City County  will put in Shs 100m and the National Government  Shs 100m.  Rigs are already in place and the digging process will commence in the next 2 weeks.  Completion of Northern collector will allow flow of 140m  litres of water into the city, said Kidero.

The Governor further said that built up capacity in 4 dams has dropped.  In January a drop of 7% was experienced. The Shs 200m  will go along way in alleviating the water situation in the city. This money will be released to Nairobi Water.  Dr Kidero added  "We are Looking at opportunities to treat and recycle water for use in gardens and areas that do not require portable water. We urge  Nairobi residents  to cooperate and only use water when it is absolutely necessary."