Annual development plan legal frame work

Posted by Public Communications Team
on 11 September 2017
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Annual Development Plan Legal Frame Work

The 2018/2019  Nairobi City County Annual Development Plan 2018/2019  is prepared in accordance with the requirement of Article 126 of the Public Finance Management Act 2012, (amended 2015) which provides that every county government  shall prepare a development plan in accordance with Article 220(2) of the Constitution of Kenya for approval by the County Assembly, that includes;

a)      Strategic priorities for the medium term that reflect the county government's priorities and plans; 

b)      A description of how the county government is responding to changes in the financial and economic environment; 

c)      Programmes to be delivered with details for each programme of;

  1. The strategic priorities to which the programme will contribute; 
  2. The services or goods to be provided; 
  3. Measurable indicators of performance where feasible; and 
  4. The budget allocated to the programme; 

d)      Payments to be made on behalf of the county government, including details of any grants, benefits and subsidies that are to be paid; 

e)      A description of significant capital developments; 

f)       A detailed description of proposals with respect to the development of physical, intellectual, human and other resources of the county, including measurable indicators where those are feasible; 

g)      A summary budget in the format required by regulations; and (h) such other matters as may be required by the Constitution or this Act.

  1. The County Executive Committee member responsible for planning shall prepare the Annual development plan in accordance with the format prescribed by regulations. 
  2. The County Executive Committee member responsible for planning shall, not later than the 30thSeptember in each year, submit the Annual Development Plan to the County Assembly for its approval, and send a copy to the Commission on Revenue Allocation and the National Treasury. 
  3. The County Assembly shall consider and approve the Annual Development Plan submitted under subsection (3) above, not later than 30th October.
  4. The County Executive Committee member responsible for planning shall publish and publicize the annual development plan within seven days after its submission to the county assembly.
  5. Section 104 of County Government Act 2012 also provides

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