County Executive Committee Member, Health Services Dr Bernard Muia 


Chief Officer Dr Sam Ochola- 0202 176 753

Health Services: This sector handles all the County health services and installations. 


  1. 1.  Turned County health facilities into 24 hour operations replete with drugs and related supplies

2.      Increased number of consultations in county health facilities from a paltry 2000 in 2013 to 15000 per day today

3.      Increased health budget to KES 8bn per year or 27% of KES 31bn annual county budget.

4.      Stocking of county health facilities with enough drugs to support free medical treatment

5.      Constructed 120 bed maternity wing at Mbagathi hospital in 2014 from scratch 

      6.   Zero maternal deaths from 2015 – to date achieved

      7.   Constructed 112 body capacity mortuary at Mbagathi hospital reducing congestion at City mortuary

      8. Mbagathi hospital became health centre of excellence decongesting KNH

      9. A total of 437 health workers employed. The fast massive employment tranche since 1998

     10. Improved condition of Pumwani maternity hospital, the largest in sub-Saharan Africa, delivering 80 babies     daily up from 20.

     11.  Construction of 25 bed maternity wing each in Mutuiini hospital in Dagoreti North, Njiru health centre, Mukuru kwa Njenga health facility




10. Expansion of Mama Lucy hospital and employment of hospital staff


11. Maternity units now operational in Ngara, Kibra, Kamukunji, Langata, Westlands, Starehe, Ruaraka, Roysambu, Embakasi, Makadara and Kasarani on 24 hour basis


12. 25 bed Ksh 20m Mukuru kwa Njenga maternity facility constructed and officially commissioned to serve the area.

  1. New beds at the Mukuru Health Centre, Maternity Wing put up by the County Government 

13. Refurbishment of dental paedriatics referral facility at the Lady Northey home. This is the only facility of its kind in the city that also trains dental students.

14. 30 ambulances added to county ambulance stock to improve patient movement  

15. Renovated and operationalized Dandora II Health Centre Maternity wing. 

16. Rehabilitated and equipped a 3rd theatre at Pumwani Maternity Hospital at a cost of Ksh. 17M.

17. Drilled a borehole at Pumwani Maternity Hospital at a cost of Ksh. 5.4 M which has reduced the water shortage in the hospital.

18. Rehabilitated and equipped a high dependency unit (HDU) at Pumwani Maternity Hospital at a cost of Ksh. 62M.

19. Renovated and rehabilitated the following facilities Lungalunga health centre, Ziwani/Kariokor clinic, Plainsview/South B clinic, Jinnah clinic.

20. Purchase of a standby generator at Mutuini hospital.

21. Purchased 8 No. standby generators, 129 No. electric vaccine fridges,  61 No. gas/electric vaccine fridges and 10 No. solar vaccine fridges at a cost of Ksh. 118 M to improve the Kenya Expanded Programme on Immunization services in the County.

22. Purchase of 5 No. Cancer screening machines and installed in three hospitals and two health centres at a cost of Ksh. 17.5 M

23. Through a Partner constructed Methadone Assisted Therapy clinics at Ngara health centre at a cost of Ksh. 13 M.

24. Through a Partner renovated Kayole I and Ngara Health Centre maternity wings at a cost of Ksh. 19 M.

25. Development and launch of policy guidelines on HIV and Gender Streaming. 

 H.E Dr Kidero tours the new Maternity wing before officially opening itNew operating table at the Mukuru health centre maternity wingH.E. Dr Kidero Health CEC Dr Benard Muia and Embakasi MP Ishram Sumra are taken on tour at the Health Facility H.E. Dr Kidero and Embakasi MP Ishram Sumra are taken on tour at the Health Facility delivery beds at the Mukuru health centre maternity wing

4.Health Services

  1.  Preventive, Curative and Protective, Reproductive health services through a network of over 80 health centers and three hospitals spread across the city.
  2.  Paternity Care
  3. Public Health Inspectorate
  4. Epidemiology and Disease Control
  5. Building Occupation Certificate
  6. School Health






  1. Mortuary and Funerals:

Services Fees: Charges on bodies
Adult 18 years and above 

Bodies brought from Nairobi Shs 2800
Bodies brought from outside Nairobi  Shs 300

Infants 1day to 11 months

Bodies brought from Nairobi Shs 2000

Bodies brought from outside Nairobi Shs 2100

Record Search Shs 1000

Amendment fee Shs 100

Certified record Shs 1000

Daily Charges

Private cases from within Nairobi

Adult Shs 500 per day

Children Shs 500 per day

Infants Shs 500 per day

After 10 days Shs 700 per day

Private postmortem exhumation fee

Adult Shs 5000

Children Shs 2000

Infant Shs 2000

Police cases from within Nairobi

Adult Shs 300 per day

Children Shs 300 per day

Infant Shs 3oo per day

After 10days Shs 400 per day

Police cases from outside Naiorobi

Adult Shs 350 per day

Children Shs 350 per day

Infant Shs 350 per day

After 10days Shs 450 per day

Special wing services

Daily storage Shs 700 throughout

Viewing charges Shs 500

Use of chapel Shs 1500

Lowering device Shs 4000

Langata Cemetery Services Charges

Temporary graves from within and outside Nairobi

Adult Shs 7000

Child Shs 7000

Infant Shs 2000

Permanent graves within Nairobi

Adult Shs 25,000

Children Shs 15,000

Infant Shs 12,000

Permanent Graves outside Nairobi

Adult Shs 31,000

Children Shs 19,000

Infant Shs 16,000

Permanent Graves for Non citizens

Adult Shs 37,000

Children Shs 22,500

Infant Shs 17,500

Embalming Fee

Adult Shs 2,500

Children Shs 2000

Infant Shs 2000

Exhumation Fee

Adult Shs 50,000

Children Shs 30,000

Infant Shs 25,000

Grave Reopening

Adult Shs 40,000

Children Shs 20,000

Infant Shs 15,000


Adult Shs 16,800

Children Shs 14,800

Infant Shs 12,800

Burial Certificate for Permanent Graves

Citizens dying within Nairobi Ksh 500

Citizens dying within outside Nairobi Shs 1000

Non citizens Shs 2,500

Grave Maintaining Shs 3,500

Grave search fee Shs 1000


  1. Nursing
  2. Ambulance
  3. Nutrition

11.Inoculation Center, City Hall, Ground Floor

open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
Lunch break 1pm to 2pm
Requested vaccines are usually for protection and for those who wish to travel. It is advisable  that you take the yellow fever vaccine as it a mandatory requirement for those who are traveling to other countries.

Yellow Fever  per dose  Shs 1500
Tetanus             per dose  Shs  300 
Diphtheria Tetanus and polio  per dose Shs. 1500

Typhoid  per dose        Shs  1000
Meningitis    per dose   Shs   1000
MMR              per dose    Shs   1200
Rabies          per dose  Shs   1500
Oralpolio    per dose  Shs  300
Influenza    per dose   Shs 1500
Cholera     per dose   Shs  1500
Hepatitis B  per dose  Shs  1000


International Certificate booklet (per booklet) Shs 1000 (mandatory for yellow fever vaccine)
Duplicate Certificate (per certificate) Shs 1000
Exemption letter (per letter) Shs 1000 
Requirements: National ID /passport