County Executive Committee Member Agriculture, Livestock Development Fisheries,Forestry & natural resources

Dr.Bernard Mugenyo


Chief Officer:  Dr. Muhari muriithi 

This sector is in charge of Agriculture (crops), Livestock development, Veterinary services , Fisheries ,Forestry & Natural resources. This includes, fish farming, animal vaccinations, poultry &animal slaughter houses  and  meat hygiene inspection 


1     Legislation to sanction agricultural activities in the city in place

2.      County food security policy in place

3.      54 green houses and water storage tanks installed in the 17 sub counties and 17 public schools

4.      260 multistorey gardens technology disseminated in Langata, Kibra, Dagorretti, Kibra and Westlands

5.      Multistorey garden technology penetration and prevalence increasing all over the city

6.      Poultry and pig farming practices increased through field outreaches

7.      56 Fish farming and consumption clinics held

8.      23 slaughter houses licensed

9.      Daily meat inspections in all the 23 slaughter houses carried out.

10.  Over 1.5 million animals immunized in Nairobi through free immunization campaigns

12.  Milk & Green house development for youth projects

12                Dissemination of rain water harvesting facilities to sustain the green house project meant to enhance food security through agri-business and urban and peri-urban faming technologies

13.             The county has also funded five groups with small milk processing and marketing equipment and milk dispenser projects at a cost of Sh13 million

15.  The green house and micro garden farming, small livestock farming and fish farming technologies can easily be adopted by Nairobi youth hence addressing the problem of youth unemployment

16.  43Fish farming projects and ponds in schools and neighborhoods

17.  Poultry farming projects

18.  Micro garden farming technology dissemination

19.  Extension services and field days in peri urban suburbs

20.  Six Free livestock immunization in Nairobi

21.  Intensification of meat inspections.

  1. Physical Location: City Hall, 2nd Floor 
    Telephone: 0710537486 
    Email address: